04 April 2015

Buenos Aires

After a long 14 hours of work shift, Buenos Aires greeted our crew with the most beautiful weather ever seen in Argentina. Blue sky, pleasant temperatures, and cloud base at a height that I felt I should visit Flavio at the Fly Ranch. Or Andi Hediger in La Cumbre at his Aeroatelier? He had invited me over when I met him at the Worlds in Annecy last year.
But this time I just wanted to recover from the shock most people had after the plane crash, and thankfully I had a lovely crew and wonderful passengers. Sure the atmosphere was muffled, and it cost us more energy than normal. It was great that we could charge our batteries in a wonderful place like Buenos Aires, going for a run in the natural reserve park along the Rio de la Plata, or going for a walk across the markets of San Telmo on Sunday. I love this city and its elegant, friendly people!

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