04 September 2012

Team Germany is all in

GOAL!!! Yes, our whole team made it to goal, and I still can´t believe that I was first of our team and aobout 6th overall. On a race day?!? Today we flew 87km around 3tp with less wind. No clouds, but a higher base around 3000m and nice climbs made it a fast day. I managed to stay with the big gaggle and eventually caught up with the top guys as I had some very strong lucky lifts up to the sky.
Needless to mention that the glides from one lift to the next were huge again, getting low is never a good idea in this area. Amazing that the flatlands worked better than the hills today - Primoz tried the mountains and unfortunately didn´t get to goal, so Alex is quite safe now in 1st position of the comp.
After so many days of struggling and not getting to goal or anywhere, it is still hard to believe for us that there are also the "good" days over here, and most pilots still didn´t put a gear up, I guess that was my chance today. Nice to arrive in goal and Christian Ciech remarks with respect, "You were leading out to the last turnpoint!" to me ;)
Andre and Gerd arrived a few minutes after me, then Christian, Roland, Stefan and Konrad. Lots of happy faces in goal, and bitter for some people who just didn´t make it, like Antoine - he would have won the day, when I flew over his head, he was 1,2 km away from goal, on the ground, and today we had a speed radius of 1km and a goal radius of 400m... and with so many people in goal, time and goal points can hurt.
I hope this was a 1000 points day today. The organizers set up some music and tables outside again, this is the second evening that we are invited for dinner. The accomodations here are great - and free! Clean, hot water, and a kitchen. After my lunch in a restaurant in Cappadokia I felt sick for the rest of the day and decided to just eat my own food, which I luckily brought over. So far, I have cooked 4 dinners for the whole team, so far nobody complained. For Gerd without Tofu, for Andre without dairy products ;)

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