06 September 2012

For Jörg!

Yesterday we were invited for an official dinner in Kayseri with the minister of sports of Turkey. Actually there were lots of officials, but thankfully no long speaches ;) Nearly all the pilots went there, so I took the competition poster and collected everybody´s wishes for Jörg who had been staying in hospital for nearly 4 weeks now. We all hope our wishes make you feel better, Jörg! Everybody here misses you, the nicest guy of the German Team! And all the pilots hope you will be fit again to fly in Australia with all of us!
By the way, Flip already thought I was preparing a petition of some kind, running around the pilots and asking if they would like to write something. He was relieved when I got to him and told him that this is for our Jörg, so he will recover soon! All the best to you, Jörg - you should have seen most people´s reaction, they were really worried about you and send you strength and health!

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Hadewych hat gesagt…

what's wrong with him? Please send my hugs as well