17 Juli 2012

On Air today

 Last week our group of adidas Air athletes went to the outdoor exhibition in Friedrichshafen. I like the Festspiele at Bodensee right in the lake at Bregenz, they always have an amazing stage.
The evening before we joined a workshop with all the other adidas outdoor athletes. What a great bunch of excellent artists in their individual sports!
We were presented with next years collection´s outdoor shoes and sure wore them on the "Outdoor" fair. It was funny to walk around these knowledgeable people - they first saw my Red Bull logo, were probably wondering which sport I do when they looked into my face, then they scanned my clothes and always stopped for quite some time at the shoes ;) Im sure most of them knew that those are already next year´s gear!

Today I will be at Bayern Plus for a live interview on the radio between 14.00 and 15.00 this afternoon. It will be available online or at 801 Khz if you have a radio.

2 Kommentare:

Rebi hat gesagt…

Jaaahahaa Formationsflug!! Der Kracher!

Schönes Interview!

corinnaflies hat gesagt…

Hey Rebi, that was a fun interview - what a cool idea to have championships in formation flight. Bobby Bailey would love it ;)