10 Juli 2012

Chennai, India, Timezone GMT +5,5

Life is as vibrant as ever in South India. The spicy food is great, so many vegetarian choices that it takes me half an hour to decide what I want to eat ;) The hotel entrance is beautifully decorated with purple lotus flowers and leaves. And yes, it is stinking hot, just below 40 centigrade, but so far no storms or rain. Mind you, the water in the pool is so warm that you start sweating in the water when you swim a bit faster.
When I heard some birds today, I felt homesick for Australia. Which is strange, because the Indian Myna bird had only been imported to Australia and it is not an Australian native, but I always connect it´s unique sound to my first stay with the Moyes family in Sydney. I wish I could come to Canungra, but the comp is too early, and our European Championships in Turkey only end in the middle of September. Guess I will only make it to down under again in December.
I was amazed to see a paraglider on an instant noodle package called "Thrillin Curry" - sure I bought a whole bunch of them!

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