07 September 2011

Scores at pre Euro´s are up!

So finally we can see how the guys are flying in Kayseri, the scores are here! Thanks Jochen for posting the link. Suan is first, followed by Jochen, Primoz and Pedro. Looks like only 11 pilots flew all the tasks of the comp, which is a really poor participation. Yet this season was packed with the Worlds and other big comps during the season, and soon will continue with Forbes in Australia as the pre worlds, I guess that is why most pilots were shying away from the long and complicated trip to Anatolia. Sad for the organizers, they seem to do a good job on the local PR, getting a big audience and TV up for the event. Lucky for us that Jamie and Jochen do a good report for the rest of us pilots who could not get there for whatever reason - thanks guys!

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