06 September 2011

Inversion in Turkey

Looks like the spectators outnumber the pilots at the pre Euros in Kayseri, Turkey. I could not find any result list yet, but it seems like only Primoz, Jochen, Suan and Pedro are the non-Turkish pilots in this competition. On Jochen´s and Jamie´s blogs you will find more pictures and descriptions of the adventures.
They are fighting with a strong inversion layer, low base and a lot of wind. With only 300 m of height from launch to the main landing field, it seems easy to bomb out. It is ok for a small field of not many pilots, like they are now, but I hope conditions will improve for a probably bigger comp next year.
Suan won the first day with a distance of 48 km (out of an 80 km task), and Primoz won day 2, a 32 km task, with Suan being the only other pilot in goal.
The competition finishes Saturday when the guys will start again on their 3 day trip back to Austria by train. Until then, Im looking forward to seeing more pictures taken by Jamie and Jochen!

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