23 August 2010

Meeting Morten

The reason for my trip to Oslo - Im writing an article for the Red Bulletin, talking to Morten Harket, a conversation between artist and athlete. Not so much about music in particular, but about life, opinions, experiences, attitudes - it was fantastic and very inspiring, and a little difficult to keep my brain switched on when he started smiling at me ;) I could write a book now, trying to catch at least a few of all the topics we were talking about, God and the world, I could go on soaring around the philosophical skies with him forever.

2 Kommentare:

Jennifer Meyer hat gesagt…

Just came across your site!! Your articles on your traveling is amazing! Great picture of you & Morten, need I say how lucky you are to sit with Morten and write and article on it!!

Happy New Year, I look forward to coming back.


corinnaflies hat gesagt…

Hi Jennifer, thanks for your comment, and sure I appreciate this highly improbable coincidence of having met such an extraordinary person a lot. It actually still seems surreal, but I guess that happens when dreams and reality interact ;)
Stay tuned, there might be an interesting project happenning later this year.
Also happy new year to you and all the best to your family,