13 August 2010

Luanda, Angola

So I am in Luanda for the first time. All I knew is that it used to be a Portuguese colony and that they had a long collaboration with East Germany, it was one of the Interflug destinations, connecting East Berlin and Luanda directly.
Also, it is the most expensive city and our most expensive crew hotel in the world. Don´t expect luxury - it is just clean, has power, and is airconditioned, but not exactly quiet or anything posh. Because we arrive in the morning and leave in the evening, they charge for two nights, which is 800 US $ per room per stay!!!
I have not walked around this place yet, but it is supposed to be very expensive in the shops as well. I have no idea how a "normal" person can survive here. Probably by cleaning out a plane ;)
On the photos the views from my hotel room.

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