10 Juli 2008

...and it goes on!

Thanks for the wishes, Rebi and Patrick, but the bad luck is very persisting. We arrived at the Lufthansa base after the Seoul flight yesterday and I realized that my colleague had confused her carry on trolley with mine!!! And she had gone straight to the airport to find her large suitcase there. Unbelievable, and not what you need after a tough time. I found out that she doesnt even have a mobile phone, so I left my number in her postbox at the base and ran to lost and found, but she had gone. My Mac was still in her hand! And my flight to Munich was due soon.
Luckily, Sabine called in time for me to run back to the base, get my suitcase, run to the airport and catch the flight to Munich. Kind of funny, looking back at it, but yesterday I was rather exhausted. I need a good rest and clean myself with sage or something to get this bad luck mark off ;)

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