01 September 2007

Montgolfiade Warstein

One week after Texas, Ive already been to Bangalore and Boston, went to Bremen yesterday to see my parents and drove with them to Warstein today to see the biggest Balloon meet in Europe, a German Albuquerque - I took a lot of photos, thinking of my flatmate Mark whos father is on a retrieve crew in Albuquerque.
Even though the sky was grey, it was an overwhelming, colourful picture to see about 140 Balloons taking off. Mike Kung jumped off the helicopter and gave a great acro show, also did the Renegades. A lot of paraglider pilots were towing, and some hangglider pilots flew as well. I went up with Juergen in his Dragonfly to take some photos of the Warstein Brewery. Only today I saw about 40 Warstein Balloons, there must be hundreds of them all over the world!
Manfred Ruhmer is here, showing off great spins and loops in his Swift, beautiful to watch. Tomorrow Joerg and I will hopefully fly as well. Today I still felt a little jetlagged...
We are hosted by my young para- and hangglider friend Rebi who lives closeby in Belecke, she will hopefully soon join our national team!
Its great to see an event with lots of different kinds of flying. Tonight there will be fireworks and also glowing of the Balloons, if they make it back in time.
More photos and news tomorrow.
Ah yes, Regina and me were speeding around like hoons on that little fun cart...

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