02 September 2007

Fun Cup

Today I signed in for the Fun Cup, ground handling a paraglider around two turnpoints and crossing some straw bails. Rebi lent me her Warsteiner glider and helped me to open it, yet I had a pretty tough run... and a lot of fun, as Lenny, young son of Andreas Schubert of Flugschule Wasserkuppe, really showed me how to ground handle paragliders!
Eventually, after a lot of sweat, I got around the parcours and for sure I will be back in Warstein next year for the Montgolfiade. Its a great way to present our sport to the wide public who usually just watches the balloons taking off. Maybe we found one or the other who might subscribe for a beginners course.
Thanks to Rebi and her family for hosting my parents and me! We will be back with them for the annual meeting of our hanggliding association which is also up here in Warstein.

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