23 August 2021

Cucco task 3: 120km around 4 turnpoints


On task 3, we saw the best flying conditions of the week, because the wind was weakest. Again we started at Cucco North take off, going quite far to the southeast, then back up into the Gubbio valley, south again, and then, against quite a headwind, to goal in Costacciaro. 

When I took off, the sky was still blue. I didn´t mind flying an extra hour waiting for the startgate to open, cause I didn´t have much flight time this year, and I enjoy boating around the Cucco peaks a lot! It was a race start again, as we were only 29 pilots, and the forecast was for some overdevelopment to our south. 

Once we crossed to the Fossato di Vico ridge, we could fly dolphin style, just gliding along under the clouds! 

Going back up northwest into the Gubbio Valley, I got dropped at the second last turnpoint by Roland. The valley was in total shade when I turned around, and as I knew I would face quite a headwind into goal again, I made sure I had enough height even if the glide was bad. 

The winner of the day, Filippo again, flew an amazing average speed of 59,4 km/h! On 13th place, I was still very happy about my 46,6km/h speed :) Amazing also that the top 9 pilots, with Roland Wöhrle amongst them again, all finished in goal within 5 minutes! A great training day for the European Championships that hopefully take place at Monte Cucco next year!

Results of task 3 here!

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