17 April 2019

Task 2: 90km around 3 Tp, goal Quest

Another long flying day, another 4 hours in the blue air! Base was a little higher than the day before, but we had to stay with gaggles to move as fast as we could. I made a couple of mistakes and almost landed twice, so I was too late before seabreeze killed out lift to goal.
I landed 24km out from the 90km task, together with Alfredo Grey, Rich Lovelace and a Brazilian pilot. We had to carry our gear about 1km before there was a bridge over a ditch to get to the Turnpike, where our drivers could access us. Thankfully we had help, otherwise my back would have broken down!
Jonny won the day, taking the 2nd start time and catching up really quickly with us. Zac Majors leads overall, he did the same as Jonny. 10 pilots made goal.

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