26 Juli 2017

First task: 80km out and return

Results here. After the first day of the German Open was cancelled as the wind gusted up to 45km/h, we managed to use the short window on the second day for an 80km/h out and return to Golssen and back to the airfield.
Flex wings were off first, and when I got into the air as 8th pilot of the field, luckily my favourite tug pilot Harm found me the one thermal that was just strong enough to climb to 800m and stay. With elapsed time as a start, it was possible to wait around.
Half an hour later, some clouds started to form and the thermals got higher and better. As the day was supposed to stop at 4pm already, I decided to start on course. Together with Roland Wöhrle, Lukas Bader, Kajo Clauss, Hans Kiefinger and Detlef Maier as well as Dutch pilots Araldo and Martin I was in good company.
Against a cross headwind with low base and not exactly strong climbs, we were not fast, but at least we were flying. I really enjoyed just being in the air, and I was happy to be able to stay with the guys.
Just before the turnpoint, it looked pretty dark. I saw Lukas and the Dutch guys heading off, but it didn´t look promising. to my left, Roland and Cajo did much better, so I decided to fly a detour. Well worth it - the best climb of the day took me up to 1700m, plenty to go around the turnpoint.
Heading back was much faster. Tailwind and a nice line of clouds looked promising. 45 minutes back, while it took us almost 2 hours to get out to the turnpoint...
At this time, the rigid guys who took off after us had caught up and started overtaking us on final.
Cajo won the day ahead of Hans and "Yeti" Detlef, Roland 4th and I was 5th.
Japanese pilot Shogo Ota won the rigid race.
Two days of solid rain followed, with lots of floods all over central Germany. We went to Lutherstadt Wittenberg and had a look at the church in which Martin Luther was buried. I like the Barlach sculpture, the floating angel, in the church.
Luckily the rain stopped just now, and we might get a really early and short task tomorrow, maybe even on Friday.

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