09 Mai 2017

Wings for Life World Run

If you missed out on this event, you can watch the video highlights here!
Two days after I participated in the Wings for Life World Run, my legs are still in pain. A sign of having been over motivated to run much more than my poor running capabilities could cope with - but it has been just so inspiring to see 10000 people running with me in Munich, some of them rolling along in their wheelchairs. Through constant rain, sometimes very muddy ground, up and down some slopes through the city!
I finished with 9,2km in just over an hour of running, Jonny made 9,6km in Melbourne, Matjaz 15km in Ljubljana. Not fast, and we pilots clearly seem to be no runners - well, except for the co-pilot of my last Lufthansa work flight, who is an ultra runner and covers 160km in one run... he asked me if I run cause he thought I look like a runner. I had to turn down this compliment, telling him that I need wings to go far and long ;)
It kind of feels humiliating to see thousands of runners sprinting past you, but it is the good cause, and the participation that counts, not the distance we ran!
In Munich, a lot of current and former Red Bull athletes were at the start, it was great to see such a huge participation despite everybody´s competition schedules!
The absolute best part of the run was to see Aron Anderson winning the race, having rolled 92,14km in his wheelchair in Dubai! Big congratulations!
And of course, we all hope that with the 6,8 million Euros support that had been raised with this years global run, the Wings for Life foundations finds individual solutions to help our friends who can not walk yet to get back up on their legs as soon as possible!
If you like to help us beat the number of 155.216 participants, you can now enter next year´s Wings for Life World run on May 6th, 2018!

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