15 September 2015


It was great catching up with Brett Hazlett and his family in Vancouver yesterday. And again I was lucky, the weather was great. A bit chilly, but sunny for two days of my stay (work flight of course). Brett is only flying paragliders these days, but it didn´t take much to ignite his interest in flying hang gliders again too :)
Walking along the water, I saw a skunk in the park for the first time - I made sure I kept a good distance to not get sprayed ;) The hair style of this black and white guy reminded me of Gerd Dönhuber somehow.
Colours in the sky were awesome in the evenings, a beautiful light show! So nice to have had the chance to come here on short notice, and after having missed Brett and Suja in Fiesch and Kuala Lumpur, I finally got to meet them in their home paradise!

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