04 August 2015

GO day 1: 120 km around 3 tp

Results and DHV report here! 
With about 40 flex and 40 rigid wing pilots, we started into the first task of the international German Open south of Berlin.
The 120km felt big to me, as we had quite a significant head wind on some of the legs of the triangle. I was glad I managed to get to goal on that day after almost 5 hours of flying!
Christian Ciech won the day ahead of Roland, Lukas and Øyvind, I was 10th and first woman, also Caroline Greiser got to goal.
Today the wind will be even stronger from the south, will be interesting to avoid Berlin air space today ;)
Olli did a great job as meet director, his first big international competition, and it all went quite smooth and without worries, Aussie style!

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Wulf hat gesagt…

And nearly Forbes style was launching the pilots averagely
every 1,8 minute.
Among other things it was possible due to the
towing rope system that Harm, the dragonfly pilot from the
Netherlands proposed. Thanks for it.