12 Juli 2015

What a day! 139km around 5 turnpoints

The day started strange. When my friend Evi helped me to take the glider to take off, she slipped and could not walk anymore. Luckily Florian took her piggy back, I got the tape on and ice, but it didn´t really get better. Konrad carried her back up to the cable car. It was a good idea, as it turned out that it wasn´t a ripped legament, but a fractured ankle! Yes, not flying can be dangerous!
Considering it was the last day and award ceremony tonight, the task seemed huge, as the thermals didn´t exactly turn on fast. I had a good start, but after the first turnpoint I hit a major headwind. Again. I tried a different course and could almost catch up with the front gaggle, but got badly stuck at Seiser Alm.
I tried all I could to at least get back out to goal directly, but it didn´t work, and the safest I could do was to land at St Kassian, Alex´ home.
Retrieve took a while. Only 5 in goal, all Italians. The top was shuffled again, with Christian Ciech winning the comp, Alex 2nd and Karl Reichegger 3rd.
I finished 15th overall, 3rd best German pilot and first woman, a really good result, considering that 4 of the 5 top female pilots of the world were here to compete!

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