26 Juni 2015

Going to Voss

It was great to be greeted at Oslo Airport by Nils who works there at the moment, and Johnny. The drive up north took about 6 hours and took us through magical forests, loungy tunnels, mountains, snow fields and gorges. I was kind of expecting trolls, fairies and hobbits to jump out on the road at any time :) We didn´t see an Elg, but the guy with his dogs in front of his sledge was a pretty good show too! I´ve never seen anybody travelling like that in real life before.
It was still raining when we arrived in Voss, but the forecast is for the weather to improve.
The earthquake bass from the party next door on the camp site wouldn´t stop until midnight, and started again at 3am - it was still light outside, no wonder they have trouble making up their mind when to sleep and when to be awake here.
Meeting at hq is at 10, then they will tell us where we go up. I might be able to fly my old glider that is owned by Arne now :)))

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