04 Januar 2015

New video of Superfinal Race Rio

Rio Superfinal Race Dec 2014

After a small mishap in December, I am grounded and found some time to edit the footage from Rio a few weeks ago. Enjoy watching some scenes flying with friends, soaring with Urubus, above the beautiful city and the gorgeous natural reserve of Parque Nacional da Tijuca, landing in São Conrado.
Big thanks to Chico Santos, ABVL and their incredible team of volunteers for organizing this event - I am sure it was the start for a new series of exciting competitions in Rio de Janeiro, the coolest place to race hang gliders in the world! Thanks to Red Bull Brazil for their support, to adidas and Lufthansa Brazil - it felt great to be able to race with the best equipment possible. Also to Konrad Heilmann and Leonarda Beltrão for helping me with the logistics!

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