08 Dezember 2014

Superfinal Race in Rio

I´m celebrating Guido´s "carpe diem" legacy and just checked in for the flight to Rio. This is a bit of radical guerilla action, as I just arrived from Chennai this morning, put my uniform into the car and got all my gear ready for a hang gliding comp in Sao Conrado, one of the best spots in the world, and checked in for the flight tonight.
Thanks to my sponsors Red Bull and adidas who make this dream possible! Also to Chico Santos for his invitation and Konrad Heilmann´s help with logistics, which were pretty tight. I had to pack gear for India and Brazil (which is pretty similar), but also for Jordania and Bremen (which is rather cold these days) and even Australia in case I don´t get home inbetween. The pilots´ strikes are not settled yet, and with a standby line coming up soon, I really have no idea how and where I will be in a few weeks time... could be anything between Ashgabad and Teheran for me over Christmas?!?
What I do know is that I will meet some of the best pilots in the world in Rio to fly match races with, great old friends like Betinho Schmitz, Guga Saldanha, Nader Couri will be there to hopefully be my wingmen for a scenic flight to Cristo! For sure I geared up and just got a new GoPro 4 to get you the best resolution possible for new films!
I´m really blessed to have this great job with Lufthansa which enables me to travel in style and freedom to incredible events like this one, on very short notice!

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