11 August 2014

Helsinki, Timezone GMT +3

For the first time I was in Helsinki today for a short stop on a work tour. I was lucky with the weather - it was warmer than at home! Thunderstorms haven´t arrived here yet.
The place is not very crowded, and everybody seems quite calm. I looked at some churches in the center of the city, at the harbour with it´s old ship and the market, then I went for the city beach. When I swam, something touched my leg under water and made me jump out - then I saw a fish jumping up, so the water quality is quite good I guess. Cute geese and noisy seagulls are around too. The language sounds a bit as if Greek people try to copy the talking melody of Swedish or Norwegians ;) With all the double consonants ääkii and öö, it reads very funny for German eyes. Very cool place.

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