02 Juli 2014

Task 5: Semnoz, 85km around 3 turnpoints

A tough, stable day today with a base barely higher than 1800m gave us a late launch and a hard time in the air. We could take off at 3pm, and the race started at 3.30, going down the Semnoz ridge, back over the lake into the east, to Thones and to Doussard. Nobody made goal with all turnpoints today, even though some women landed in Doussard on the way to the 2nd turnpoint.
I had a good race to the first turnpoint just soaring the ridge and only stopping at take off again on the way back to cross the lake. Still not enough time to get to the second turnpoint. I landed just short on a slope where Françoise Dieuzede already showed me the wind direction and the best approach. Even nicer - she said that I can go back to hq with her retrieve. Her daughter and her dad were there 15 minutes later! Can´t get much better :)
A perfect landing, but about 20km short of goal. We might have gone furthest, as we only saw rigid wings going past above our heads. It won´t be a high scoring day though because nobody made goal today. 
Rain tomorrow, but a good day on Thursday hopefully. We have some points to catch up!

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