08 März 2014

Pre-Worlds last day: 112km around 5 turnpoints

Yesterday Gerd, I and a few other pilots took the second startgate, cause it looked as if the conditions for our 112km task would be stronger a bit later. Most people went with the first gate and were faster than us, but we still had a very enjoyable flight. Around the 1st turnpoint, the wind got really strong (it was at 3300m of altitude), but luckily I got up again, while quite a few guys were flushed down there.
I was happy to get to goal in Amanalco, probably the biggest, flattest field in the whole area, at 2300m of altitude, but with a good wind to land. 33 people made goal, our whole German team got in, so did all the girls of the comp! A very nice finish, flying with beautiful clouds. Now Im about to go to the awards. You can find the results here, but the cumulative has not been published yet.

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