27 Februar 2014

Arriving in Valle

Im happy to be in the warm sun of Valle de Bravo – yesterday I set up my glider in Rudy´s garden, and it looks great, so Im looking forward to a nice test flight today! My team already had a good week of training here – Jörg, Christian, Gerd and Achim know the area well now. I have flown a few competitions and had some free flights here, so I am also not new to Valle de Bravo flying. But Ive never flown here with soooo many pilots before. Will be interesting to see how many people will compete altogether today at registration!
Tomorrow we will have a training task, and the serious Pre World competition starts on Saturday, running till March 7th. And knowing Valle, we probably fly every day!
Here you find Jörg´s wonderful photos and the life report in German on the DHV homepage!

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