31 Januar 2014

Ispo Munich

It was fun to go to the international sports fair "Ispo" where I meet a lot of good friends every year, lots of Red Bull, adidas and other athletes.
"All I leave in nature are my footprints" is the motto of artist Simon Beck who was introduced by Icebreaker founder Jeremy Moon. Only with snow shoes, Simon Beck creates beautiful geometric patterns in the snow, now they are printed on some clothes of the new Icebreaker collection - a great idea to support the concept of sustainability!
At adidas eyewear, I was introduced to the Tycane Pro, the latest in sunglass design, invented for sailing, but REALLY perfect for us pilots! I will bring a pair of those fantastic wrap arounds with unlimited peripheral view to Mexico to try at the pre worlds!
Sure it was great to meet paraglider pilot Paul Guschlbauer again - he is one of the heroes who made it all the way to Monaco at the Red Bull XAlps!

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