16 November 2011

NBN TV news 6pm tonight!

Yesterday I went up to Newcastle for an interview with NBN TV. Weatherman Gavin Morris, a paraglider pilot, organized that for me - and I think it is important to present our sport in the most positive way as possible, specially in the places where we fly a lot, so non-pilots understand a bit more and might even try a tandem or start a course!
It was raining heaps and we had to shift the place of the interview away from launch to a house. No flying possible, but luckily I had lots of film footage of Tegelberg on my computer.
Of course my story is tightly entwined with Australia, as I have always won the world champion title on a Moyes hang glider and had been living in Sydney with the Moyes family many months. I still regard the world record outback expedition to Hillston and Wilcannia with Tomas Suchanek and Bill Moyes as a turning point in my career, my flying confidence just sky rocketed after that!
I was told that Sydneysiders can watch the NBN news online, and I should be up just after 6pm NSW-time tonight for people from the central coast northwards. As soon as I find the news online, I will link it for you! My first interview on Australian TV, and I hope I could get the TV producers excited to come out and visit us in Forbes at the pre-worlds and worlds!

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