04 August 2011

German Flatlands and Belgian Nationals Laragne

At the moment they seem to have really great flying weather in Laragne at the Belgian Nationals - 4 tasks out of 4 days! Have a look at Jochen Zeischka´s blog - he is currently leading the Belgium rankings and hopes to become Belgian Champion for the 2nd time! And he is also doing a great job of posting about the flights, with help of Jamie´s wonderful photos really worth following!
At the same time, they flew 2 days so far (112 km and 94 km) in Altes Lager at the German Flatlands, and it looks like they might get another task on Friday, the last comp day. Jochen Zeyher (Atos) is currently in the lead, and Bernd Otterpohl is currently the first flex wing pilot. Also guns like Tim Grabowski, Toni Raumauf (Austria) and Lukas Bader are competing!

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