21 März 2011


Lucky that this shell in Beijing was not quite big enough to give you a proper image of the "Birth of Venus" by Botticelli, yet I could not resist jumping in before some guards came to send me away...
Thank you all for your great offers worldwide to help our Japanese friends in any way you can! It is good to know that if times get tough, we are not just "friends in mind", but there is real support, trust and the will to help each other in any possible way!
The news are that the Japanese managed to start to stabilize Fukushima and I hope this situation will keep improving. Still Lufthansa is offering comparably cheap one way tickets from Osaka and Nagoya to Germany, just in case.
Weather over here in Germany is great at the moment and it looks like the flying and thermal season in Bavaria will start this week. I will need some training flights from Tegelberg for a cool project in April, just before Bassano... can´t wait to hear all the stories from Down Under and Africa and Brazil and where ever my friends were to avoid winter in Europe ;)

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Anonym hat gesagt…

oho welch Perle!)))

Anonym hat gesagt…

Thank you for caring about us. I always love visiting your blog, but couldn't afford to take a look at your page since the 11th. Thanks again for your kind offer of help. As most of us have family who would rather choose to stay in Japan, there may not be many cases which trouble you for the ticket. But we now know many hang-gliding friends in the world are willing to help us, which is really encouraging!
Corinna, enjoy your flights in Tegelberg, I hope to fly with you again. Mitsuko