17 November 2009


I had wanted to write about my current trip to Playa del Carmen, my Spanish course, meeting adorable Mexican people, learning how to cook tortillas and snorkelling, but but these everyday tidbits sound so unimportant compared to the sad news I learnt last Friday. Another lovely guy joined the heavenly league. I have known Ueli Gegenschatz for many years, I adored his acro team and base jump actions, and I loved his modest, straightforward Swiss temperament, his witty jokes, his enthusiasm about being in the air. Ueli together with Hannes, Guido and other Red Bull athletes - we had so much fun, it was always living life to the fullest, making the best of every minute and every situation. From my selfish point of view, you left this world way too early, Ueli! Not fair. We will dearly miss you. My thoughts are with Ueli´s family and friends.
And please guys, whereever you go, whatever you do, please be thourough and careful, as this year has really been marked with freak accidents.

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