09 März 2009

Visit in Tokyo

I like work trips when I can meet friends! So I told Moyes Japan dealer Toru Goda san about my March schedule and he organized a dinner for pilots in Shinjuku, Tokyo. It was easy to find the trains to go from our hotel in Chiba to get there, as Japanese trains are very fast and reliable - I wish trains in Germany were on time again (the morning before the flight I had to call my friend to take me to the airport because the Munich s-bahn did not run when I arrived in the station).
It was great to see Homura and Mitsuko again, two women who had participated in the worlds at Monte Cucco. And I had brought some films about these worlds for them, also some new information about the next Tegelberg World Championships. We had quite some time for questions about training, physical and mental training. I always like to help my Japanese friends, because we suffer the same disadvantage in hanggliding - we are small and light pilots. So I try to help them perfom safer and better in the air.
Also I had the possibility to get information about the latest development of Sony video cameras, as there were two really well informed pilots who answered my questions. I would like to produce footage for television flying above and around castle Neuschwanstein, so now I know which cameras to look for.
Coming back from Tokyo, I flew straight up to Bremen where my parents expected me for the big Ball of Sports and an honouring in the town hall of Bremen.

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