19 Februar 2009

CIVL meeting in Hall, Austria

After a real quick trip to Orlando (work) and meeting Jamie for a cuppa in the afternoon, I flew back to Frankfurt and Munich - and was shocked how much snow and ice there had been in only a couple of days that I was gone. Complete winter again!
Last night I got back, early this morning I left and drove to the CIVL meeting in Hall (Austria), where important decisions about hanggliding and paragliding are being made. Main topics are safety and the bids for future competitions. The bids will be made saturday at midday, and the decision first thing on sunday morning.
The bids for the next hanggliding worlds are Monte Cucco (Flavio will present it), Forbes (Vicki Cain and Jonny Durand are here), Turkey and Berlin (Markus Hanisch will come and present it).
Lots of people are here whom I met last week in Valle de Bravo (Mexico) at the paragliding worlds, like Didier Mathurint, Martin Scheel, Harry Buntz (as German alternate delegate). German main delegate is Klaus Tänzler.

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How about full in depth reporting on the CIVL meeting?