28 November 2007


Lukas Bader and I won the inofficial international part of the DHV XC cup, where the 8 best flights worldwide count. Maybe next year they could make it official part.
Nevertheless, we had a great party in Warstein, dancing until early in the morning, with Lukas on the dancefloor all night- I still remeber the great rock n roll acrobatics he taught me at the party of the Worlds in Big Spring! Also Regina was happy that some of our national team pilots are also great dancers!
On Sunday morning, just before the XC and League award ceremony, Lukas gave a fantastic speach about flying in the German flatlands. He is running a hanggliding and paragliding school up in Berlin, where we will have the German Open again next year, which might also become the pre-pre-Worlds, as the club from Altes Lager wants to put in a bid.
I will go to Berlin this weekend to celebrate my parents 40th wedding anniversary, after that on Saturday I will join a sports gala in Cologne, and then-finally!- have a few days off in Munich, before I have to fly again.

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